1. Suspicion wife commit zina.
  2. Now I have resorted to masturbation. I understand it is a grave sin. He would not divorce me.
  3. More is it Halal to work in a company that has interest bearing debt but company operations are Halal Like many consumer good.
  4. I am facing a question that what should a muslim do whenever he/she is facing a case like HONOUR KILLING.
  5. Once i had taken a false oath on placing my hand on Quran.
  6. Intentionally taking false oath.
  7. What if one is married but away from his wife for a long period due to some reasons, and when he arouses he like to masturbate by thinking of only his wife.
  8. What I want to know is that if a girl in such a situation commits any sins or goes in the wrong direction.
  9. I don't want my brother to commit a sin, and by sin i mean having an unacceptable relationship with that girl.
  10. There is a lady who's son is married with three kids and is currently having affairs with other women.
  11. I have question if i person is making sin in him self and letting not to know any one.
  12. I just want to know if someone break the promise.
  13. Urge to do Zina.
  14. Iam in a dilemma because i am lying and deceiving the university.
  15. When I was young - as old as 7 or 8 years old, I was sexually fondled by my cousin.
  16. I have frnd, He is having lack off knwldg in Islam.
  18. She knows she has done wrong. she is reading, praying, fasting, but still she is being chased by her old gang.
  19. Sir i would like to know the punishment for watching pronographic films.
  20. Husband insists wife Lie.

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