1. Is hidden sins permitted.
  2. If a person ahs planned to go to hajj and has paid for their flight and dies before getting there will their sins still be counted for?
  3. I always knew that adultery is the worst sin that a Muslim woman can do and I did.
  4. Touch fondle girl minor zina.
  5. I am 25 years old guy and i am in love with a women of 31years old (6 years older than me) and she is also having a young daughter of 14years old.she is divorced and live with her daughter in her own house.
  6. My question is about masturbation. I try my best to stay away from masturbation (im not into zina Alhamdulillah) as much as i can. Whenever i get aroused by anything (pics or women not dressed properly), i try my best not to look at them.
  7. What is zina.
  8. What is the meaning of homosexual?
  9. And i had sexual intercourse with a prostitute...i honestly did not enjoy it...not a single second...and i regret it today and everyday.
  10. About forgiveness in Islam?
  11. I have a girlfriend( relative) who is ready to do anything with me, I am going to marry her with in 8 months. Everybody is willing for this ( family members).
  12. Q: What is the ruling for an adult man and woman on having illegal intercourse?
  13. I do have acne and oily skin is this mean this is the pumisment from ALLAH(swt).
  14. I would like to know about Zina.
  15. 1.Are sins forgiveable?
  16. Assalam alaikum. A close friend of mine is married for past 15 yrs with 2 children. All her married life she has not been happy with her husband and in laws.
  17. Vastness of Allah's mercy forgive
  18. Is masturbation a sin as per the quran.
  19. My question is, what if a believer, after he dies, answers the 3 questions correctly.. But, he has also committed minor sins in this world. will he not be tortured in the grave for these sins
  20. I am ashamed of my sins and want to ask u how to repent

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