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  1. Are Bohras true Muslims
  2. Proud to be a Bohra
  3. Addressing the Bhai Sahebs
  4. We should call ourselves Muslims
  5. Punjabi convert to bohra
  6. To seek the truth one has to rise above his own likes & prejudices
  7. Are readers allowed to comment?
  8. You are a Liar.
  9. Glad I received your e-mail
  10. Why dont you convert the queen?
  11. Talk less
  12. Are readers allowed to comment?
  13. Reply to your e-mail you whoever u r i know u r from the party of enemies of bohra,who call themselves reformist.remember who r real mumins will never beleive in ur thoughts,n will always say "laanat" on u,the same laanat we say on shimar. we will follow syedna mohammed burhanuddin(tus)in any situation mind that,u can never stop us.he is the reprentatives of allah on this earth. now iam warning u,not warning i am going to investigate who u r,n will stop all ur mails u send to mumineen to stop from the ta`at of syedna.many n many laanats on u.one day we will cacth u not we our syedna will cacth un then imagine ur halat ,i am saying u to stop all this. WE WILL ALWAYS SAY SYEDNA MOHAMMED BURHANIDDIN ZINDABAD.ur all thoughts is rubbish,n i can ans them but i know u r from the shetans team n there is no advantage in doing like this,thats why i am not answering u.you will surely go to hell, mind that with shimar.
  14. Why men dont sit for iddat?
  15. Dear Burhan, Please mind your own business, yes i know one day u will forget your mother and father who brought you in this beautiful world which is created by almighty god. you are forgetting one thing, and giving all your `bakwas` on shrik there is always a leader in every field, captain of all teams who guides you the right way and stop you from doing wrong thing and if this is shrik in your language , then i should tell all your staff and workers not to listen to you, or not to follow on your order cause they are becoming shirk and making you allah by following your order.You should stop respecting your elders, respecting your mother because bowing in front of your parents or doing what your parents say is shrik in your language. u r the most shirk to my knowledge, because u r stopping us to listen or do what our ancestors told us, but u r doing it. Think before u write, u r still kid , only all shirk people are telling u to do all this things and write all bakwas . and by writing this u r becoming shirk because u should only write what quran says, but `afsos` u r writing what all your `chamchas` or `fools` or so called `thekedars` of islam are telling u to write. If u r of your word and if u think u r right then leave all business and go to himalayas where u dont have to give any orders or take any orders otherwise u r biggest `liar` on the earth and biggest `shirk` please become `sanyasi` instead of `shirk` u r `iblis` of adam era, u r `yazid` of Husain (a.s.) era, people like u do not have any place on this earth u r `bal thackrey` of this era. Please go to himalaya and leave us alone, and do justice to your words. Good bye,all the best, waiting to hear the news of u leaving all and going to himalaya.
  16. Hinduism and Buddism are stolen from Islam
  17. Your view about the Dawoodi Bohras is wrong
  18. Allah and Quran
  19. Hate and Pity
  20. You quote aayahs out of context

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