History of Islam

  1. Burial of Hadrat Fatema (r.a.)
  2. Boycott of Bani Hashim
  3. Triumph of Islam during Yazids rule
  4. Maulana Ghulam Hussain Na`eemi of Sahiwa`al, Pakistan was a Sunni scholar who after considerable research converted to the Shi`a Ithna Asharee Faith. The rationale for his conversion was that he had questions that he found the Ahlul` Sunnah Ulema could not answer satisfactorily. These are those questions; they remain unanswered to this day. Tragically he was martyred for his beliefs, may Allah (swt) reward him and grant him a place in Paradise. Footnotes have been added for the purposes of further clarity.
  5. Fake story miracle of Christ.
  6. Period of Abu Haneefa.
  7. I have read a mail which states that Hadrat Fatimah (r.a.) binte Mohamed (saws) was murdered by Hadrat Abu Bakr (r.a.).
  8. Banda nawaz from prophet(saws) progeny.
  9. According to me, there are two type of Muslims in Islam.
  10. Umar revert islam ta ha.
  11. Umar revert islam ta ha.
  12. Why after his death did the Office of Amir in Makkah go over to the sinister Abu Sufyan.
  13. Jews descendants of Noah.
  14. Aisha death.
  15. Who was the first man who martyr for islam.
  16. Death of hadrat Fatima(r.a.).
  17. Singnificance of done of rock.
  18. There are 4 Islamic months called "SHAHAR UL HARAM" .
  19. Last time i told you teena is my wife and recently converted to islam so please answer all her queries which she put across you so that she can feel contented and Allah accept her in islam.
  20. It`s ture that one of Prophet`s Muhammad (SAWS) grandsons was murder by his wife by gave him poison.

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