1. Dinosaurs
  2. Quran or Hadith conflict
  3. What is hadith?
  4. Salt before food?
  5. Explanation of Prophecy Hadith
  6. Condemn all hadiths
  7. Are Hadith books true?
  8. Details of hadith
  9. Hadith of blind and deaf angels
  10. Hadith on shab-e-baraat
  11. Muslim Hadith for combining prayers
  12. Is Hadiths mentioned in the Quran?
  13. Hadith Books
  14. Please quote the Hadiths with the sources
  15. Confirmation of Hadith "Reviver of Islam"
  16. Dear Brother Burhan, Salam I read your story of coming to the true deen of Allah swt and its was very touching. May Allah swt guide all of us towards the right path. After going through some of your Q&As I wanted to ask you one question. No doubt that Quran is like an ocean of knowledge and one can spend his whole life in understanding it. But fact of the matter is that Quran gives you guidelines and not the details about most of our Deen. The details of the Deen comes through Hadith. And this is the reason for sending the Prophet with the Book. If book would have been sufficient then there was no need of Prophet. Now in Hadith we have six main books and certain other books that Sunni follow. Similarly there are books that Shia and for that matter any other firqa in Muslims follow. And the main dispute comes among the Shia, Sunni, Salafi etc. is in the interpretation of these Hadiths and the translation of Quran based on the Hadith from their books. How are you going about it. What would be your source of Hadith for translating the Quran? For e.g Quran doesn`t talk about the particular way of saying prayers, so we have different firqas saying prayer in different ways. Which Hadith would you follow? Similarly for Fasting, Zakat, Hajh, Marriage, Divorce, Death etc. I apologize for stating a long question. Salam
  17. The hadiths that you quote are mostly from Abu Huraira who knew the Prophet (saws) only for a few years!
  18. History & Hadith can be fabricated
  19. What about people who deny the Hadiths?
  20. Who wrote the history after the Prophets (saws) death?

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