Ramadhan & Fasting

  1. Can one go to Non-Muslims house for Iftar ?
  2. Bohra saff and break fast
  3. Are fasts accepted without prayers?
  4. Forgot to say dua while breaking fast
  5. Rewards of Tarawih prayers
  6. Fasting till night fall
  7. Are sins forgiven of one who fasts?
  8. Why do our commuity follow moon? did rusuallah did 30 fast in ramazaan can u prove me? why do we follow misri calendar
  9. Now it is close to Eid-ul-Fitr & the question arises as to what did Rasul s.a.w. did when he met his relatives. Did he give out envelopes of money or did he do something else?? Shall await your answer. I hope this question is worth answering!!
  10. Medicine during fasts
  11. Ruling of getting periods during fast
  12. Dear Sir, I had recently married. My question regarding the husband and during the fast timing. They can play with each other or not. What are limitations of fast. Please guide.
  13. First of all, I would like to congratulate you and your team on a well presented web-site that manages to deliver the Islamic principles based on the Quran and sunnah of prohet Mohammed (saw). Alhamdolillah. I wonder, brother Burhan, if you can shed some light on travelling during Ramadhan. Any information as understood by the Alims (of different school of thoughts) or based on Quran & hadith would help me to decide how far one can travel whether it is before or after the prescribed prayer times
  14. If you dont fast (even when you are fit enough to) and instead you pay the poor for not keeping the fast is that a sin
  15. Trichotillomania disease and fasting
  16. Is it obligatory to get up just before dawn to have something ? Is `Sewri` compulsory?
  17. Dear Brothers, 1. Its is said that the Shaitan is chained in the month of Ramadhan. Now when the Shaitan is chained why do muslims engage in deeds which are unislamic in this month? 2. The Bohra community has a leadership which guides them and controls the whole community but in the case of, so called sunni muslims, why isn't there any leadership present which would guide them?
  18. If one dies in Ramadhan are all his sins forgiven?
  19. Sex while Fasting
  20. Fasting while travelling

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