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  1. My husband is working in a food distributing company as a software engineer.his company distributes different varieties of food products to hotel and restaurants etc....besides other food they also distribute pig meat.i am very confused about this that wuts the condition of my husbands income.is it halal or haram.
  2. I have been working at my current work place NEXT for nearly 9 months. NEXT just for clarification sell clothes, accessories, electrical goods etc. Since last week to be precise, `alcohol gifts` have been introduced into the store.
  3. Also, please clarify if it is permissible or not to eat meat of chicken if it was not sacrificed with the name of Allah.
  4. Is Gelatin prohibited?
  6. I have a question , There are pleanty of Alcoholic perfume sprays available in the market. Is it allowed to use for muslims, these sprays for our prays or not, Why ?
  7. I am working for a company which provide logistical support to American forces in Iraq. Is it Hallal
  8. If a person is working in a bank, but in IT dept. i.e. computers. My question is his income or salary haraam.
  9. What is the rulling wearing seatbelts, Good/Bad, Haraam/Halaal?
  10. Is it haram or halal to give the premises on rent to the bank??
  11. Can we eat anything from ouside in USA?
  12. I am thinking of becoming a hairdresser for muslim woman only.
  13. Can we muslims in USA eat chicken which some ppl say is halal n sum ppl say its not
  14. My friend told me that in Islam a fish weighing more than 12 kgs is not allowed.
  15. I am 28yrs old..insha allah my marriage will be on next year.past few years i did masterbation..
  16. I would like to know if Platinum or diamond rings are allowed for men in Islam.
  17. Could you please let me know the hadith about listening music.
  18. Can kosher products be halaal?
  19. I just wanted to know weather eating crab/lobseter are haraam to we muslims?
  20. Is car insurance haram or halal.

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