Halaal & Haraam

  1. Make and sell gold which is haram in Islam for the men folk?
  2. Food cake at Christmas pagan festivals.
  3. Can men wear silk mix?
  4. I live in Canada. And I do not eat any meat or chicken except Halaal. And I beleive that any chicken or maet alaughtered by a non-Muslim, without mentioning the name of Allah is Haraam.
  5. There is no hala meat at all, am I allowed to eat the meat that is not halal.
  6. Please tell me what the meaning is when the husband wishes to feed the wife dates (in a paste form).
  7. I would like to know if we can work at gas stations where we have to sel pork.
  8. "My brother has some abdominal trouble." The Prophet (peace be upon him) ��said to him "Let him drink honey."
  9. Can we eat the Chicken slaughtered by a known Mushrik? Will it be Halaal?
  10. You have repeatedly mentioned that meat bought in supermarkets in European countries is permissible to eat.
  11. Eat food at disbelievers home.
  12. I know that Gold is haram for men in Islam but I wanted to know whether we should consider `yellow gold, rose gold, white gold` in the same category.
  13. How we know the halal ingridents in the goods.
  14. Is it haraam to eat goats testicles?
  15. Eating no-halal meat has been justified by some scholars. Chapter 5, Verse 5 tells us we can eat the meat of the People of the Book.
  16. I moved to live in the UK since 5 months now, and i usually ate (halaal) meat back home.
  17. Now in restaurants it would be safe to eat fish or vegetables, but if we are sure that they sell haram things too, would be be OK to eat there.
  18. Asian arab lobsters - haraam or halaal
  19. Most of the muslim butchers does not pray 5 times and also they are in shrink and bidaat, so some of salafi ulmas gave fatwa that we cannot eat mutton or chicken sold by them.
  20. It is said that it is haram to get tattoos, then does that apply to when we(women) put henna on our hands or hair? we make designs and color our hair with it.

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