2. What about sex with wife in Moharram?
  3. Please advise is it ok to sleep with Janaba.
  4. Sir I have a friend he was married recently and now he is facing a problem that he did nothing with his wife or he can`t do any sex.
  5. I have read about oral sex and it says that you can have it with your wife. Would you please let me know as to what that level is?
  6. Is it a sin to put the sex of my companion in my mouth? And what is the punishment of having sex from behind, i.e sodomie?
  7. During sexual intercourse men & women take their sexual part in one another part,does this action allowed in sexual intercourse.
  8. I want to know if we humbistar with wife in different position, specialy some times back position, what about this position ?
  9. Can u please tell wether waxing of ones private parts by another person alowed in islam.
  10. Plz tell me what is halal and haram in sex.
  11. I want know that after intercourse with my wife.when should we have to take bath before another intercouser or i can perform another intercouse after half an hour.without take bath.
  12. According to Islam what should be frequency of sex in a Month?
  13. Sir i have a question while having sex we can kiss and love our wife vagina is it permisible or not and what is notpermisible in during having sex guide me.
  14. Is oral sex allowed in Islam. I would like to know is it permitted for man to drink his wife`s milk.
  15. In Al-Islam is it allowed to derive pleasure in the act of sex between two lawfully wedded man and woman? is oral sex between man and woman permitted in Islam? thank you.
  16. I never had sexual intercourse with my wife in the whole married life as she's a bit too feared about this.
  17. I had asked a question mybe a month back or so regarding the beard.
  18. I`ve been having a lot of problem with my marriage lately. From past month or so, i dont get in mood to be intimate with my husband. He always comes near me, and i always tell me to leave me alone, and i tell him straight that I am not feeling anything, when you touch me, kiss me or anything i dont feel anything.
  19. If a man has sex with other woman and then comes home to his wife and ask for sex what must a wife do is it accepted in islam to then refuse sex to her husband?
  20. We both love eachother a lot my husband is having lot of health problem because of this his sex drive as become very week

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