1. I wanted to know is accepting each other before going to sexual intercourse is according to islam or it is zina.
  2. I have a problem like i have an hot body means heat is more in my body . so every time the sparm is comming out from my penies .
  3. The woman and the man guilty of 'zina' (fornication), flog each one of them with a hundred stripes.
  4. One of my brother thinks that the punisment for an unmarried rapist is also stonning him to death.
  5. When the boy told about intercourse she refused to do but he didn`t listen and tried to do.
  6. When a girl losts her virginity in the light of quran and sunnat?
  7. Can husband drink his wife`s milk?
  8. (Quexstion No.6820)I am one of allah"s beleiver want to know about to have sex in a halaal manner.
  9. Here in Kashmir / India- IOK, the government is trying to establish an education system in which, they are providing education about sex in schools.
  10. If a man continuously refuses to have a sex with his wife and he seeks ways to run off from her.
  11. Is it ok to be nude if u are a male in front of another male?
  12. Whenever i have sex with my wife my sperms come out soon before she come.
  13. Sunrise and sexual impurity.
  14. A husband rubs his private part in groove between buttocks but does not enter anus. Is such sex is allowed in Islam?
  15. Finger in anus.
  16. I would like to know that if my wife is not bleeding on the 5th - 7th day can we have sex.
  17. Time limit for abstinence sex.
  18. I want to know about the Limitaion of Sex between a Husband and wife.
  19. I am married since 14 yrs.i always have an argument as to what extent sex is permitted in islam.
  20. My question is, During pregnancy is it permissible in Islam to have sexual intercourse?

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