Islamic Laws-Inheritance

  1. If two brother fathers died before distributing their property among their children. what will be the share of each of their sons / daughters.
  3. Inheritance: A.S brother, In modern day, I wish to know how the will have to be allocated in my case, which would help others understand too on specifics.I have a house worth 200,000 which I and my family (wife and children) live in and have savings of say 10,000. I have a car worth 5000 with no debts.I have a wife son and daughter and both parents by Allahs grace are alive. I wish to know what will happen if I should die, specifically in case of the house that we are living in, does this have to be sold and allocated? which may make the wife and children potentially homeless?Please clarify, also if in the case of only one of the parents are alive?I wish to be guided and do my duty even if they be small.JazakAllah Al khair.
  4. Inheritence distribution
  5. Women share in property.
  6. Can a mortgaged property be given as a gift to the wife.
  7. Can Son-in-Law calim the inheritence of his wife from the property of wife's Father ? When both his wife and her Father has died.
  8. Ownership & inheritance of property acquired jointly
  9. My father wants to know how will his estate be...
  10. What is the fatwa of ulooma-e-deen and ulooma-e-ha...
  11. Suing father to sharia court
  12. What is d fatwa of ulooma-e-deen n ulooma-e-haq ab...
  13. If a person dies and left two wives one has children and other have no childrean so wat will b percentage of that family and this one?
  14. Inheritance Issue
  15. Purpose of Will - Inheritance in muslim country: What is the purpose of a Will when your inheritance will be divided
  16. Rights of my Aunt (Sister of my father) in property of my paternal gradnfather when she is married in the family (with cousin): Inherited from my grandfather.
  17. Distribution of Wealth: To Whom my father supposed to nominate this house
  18. Inheritance rights take away from grand parents

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