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  1. Rights of first wife: As salam alaikum wa rehmatuallahi wa barkat.I have many question pertaining to 1 problem for which i have to tell u the whole situation. please guide me.I know my husband since 10yrs and we married since 5yrs we have 1 son. but 1 fine day i came to know that my husband is seeing someone else. And he told me it was my fault i was not satisfying him. He also said that it as alright till the time we were engaged for 5yrs everything changed after we got married. i except that it was my fault since i use to avoid making love with him, b`cos he use to come late in the night and use to drink aswell, i use to feel angry and didnt feel like doing so, and i never knew it was a sin. now he is on din and prays 5 times a day masha allah.he promised me that he will leave that girl just that they need some time. from then i never stopped him from making love. but being a girl and feel little shy i never approached from front that i need to make love. now I came to know that he got married to her and again he put the blame on me that I after came to know about his affair i never tried to get him or win him back (haasil karne ki koshish nahin ki) which is wrong. now he tells me that he does not want to take seperation from me. but i asked him wat if would have betrayed your trust and have an affair with someone else, he said if you like somebody i will get you married which was not my question. i felt as if it does not make any difference if leave him he is attached to me because of our 3 and half year old son. he says i dont want to propogate my second marriage. nobody in his family except me knows that he is married. But i feel very depressed and betrayed sometime i feel like committing sucide. i want to leave him but i love him and think about my son i cannot make a decision. I but i cannot think of sharing my family my love with anyone. I had also asked him to buy me a seperate house since we are in the joint family he simply told me that he cannot leave his parents. but i told him that where are you,like you are not there the whole day u come back late in the night. u never remove time for us, not single day u take an off. i m the one who have to bare with them. i dont want to say anything good or bad about them just that i find it difficult to live with them.I am a kind of person who never back answer any one, and keep sulking. i am going in deep depresion please answer all my queries. i need help. and allahs blessing.allah hafiz
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