1. Introduction
  2. She has a good attitude towards others and treats them well
  3. She is truthful
  4. She avoids giving false statements
  5. She gives sincere advice
  6. She guides others to righteous deeds
  7. She does not cheat, deceive, or stab in the back
  8. She keeps her promises
  9. She is not a hypocrite
  10. She is characterized by shyness [haya']
  11. She is proud and does not beg
  12. She does not interfere in that which does not concern her
  13. She refrains from slandering the honour of others and seeking out their faults
  14. She does noshow off or boast
  15. She is fair in her judgements
  16. She does not oppress or mistreat others
  17. She is fair even to those whom she does not like
  18. She does not rejoice in the misfortunes of others
  19. She avoids suspicion
  20. She refrains from backbiting and spreading malicious gossip
  21. She avoids cursing and foul language
  22. She does not make fun of anybody
  23. She is gentle and kind towards people
  24. She is compassionate and merciful
  25. She strives for people's benefit and seeks to protect them from harm
  26. She helps to alleviate the burden of the debtor
  27. She is generous
  28. She does not remind the beneficiaries her charity
  29. She is patient
  30. She is easy-going and does not bear grudges
  31. She is easy on people, not hard
  32. She is not envious
  33. She avoids boasting and seeking fame
  34. Her speech is not exaggerated or affected
  35. She has a likeable personality
  36. She is friendly and likeable
  37. She keeps secrets
  38. She is of cheerful Countenance
  39. She is lighthearted and has a sense of humour
  40. She tries to make people happy
  41. She is not over-strict
  42. She is not arrogant or proud
  43. She is humble and modest
  44. She is moderate with regard to her clothing and appearance
  45. She loves noble thinand always aims high
  46. She is concerned about the affairs of the Muslims
  47. She honours her guest
  48. She prefers others over herself
  49. She checks her customs and habits against Islamic standards
  50. She follows Islamic manners in the way she eats and drinks
  51. Spreading the greeting of Islam
  52. She does not enter a house other than her own without permission
  53. She sits wherever she finds room in a gathering
  54. She does not converse privately with another woman when a third is present
  55. She respects elders and distinguished people
  56. She does not look into other people's houses
  57. She avoids yawning in a gathering as much as she can
  58. She follows Islamic etiquette when she sneezes
  59. She does not seek the divorce of another woman so that she may take her place
  60. She chooses the work that suits her feminine nature
  61. She does not imitate men
  62. She calls people to the truth
  63. She enjoins what is good and forbids what is evil
  64. She is wise and eloquent in her da`wah
  65. She mixes with righteous women
  66. She strives to reconcile between Muslim women
  67. She mixes with other women and puts up with their insults
  68. She repays favours and is grateful for them
  69. She visits the sick
  70. She does not wail over the dead
  71. She does not attend funerals

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