1. I have been engaged for almost a year and InshaAllah am getting married soon. During this one-year with the consent of our parents my fianc and I have stayed in regular touch through email and sometimes have also spoken on the phone
  2. Is it permissible in Islam for a men to hug or embrace his mom and sister out of affection?
  3. My mother has feeded her sister daughter when she was baby and that time my elder brother and my unty daughter same age when they growm up by the grace of Allah almighty they wanted to fix their marriage but my mother had confusion she asked one of our area muttawa he told it can not be ........
  4. I would like to ask a question which many women may face but i want to follow and make my decision based upon what God has said, I am going through many problems in my 9 months of married life and i am also 6 months pregnant, i love my husband but has been violent at times towards me and tried to harm me despite me carrying his child, his family never want to take responsibility for what he does and does not like my family to say anything against him about it, he has to come to live with me in the UK and wants to rely on my family to help him start a life here but refuses to show respect or gratitude towards them
  5. Relationship with opposite sex-i just wanted to know is it haraam to interact with the opposite sex and this does not include physical interaction. eg:just having a guy friend.? is this permissable?
  6. Can Man teach non mehram women?
  7. Interest parents wife rights
  8. Father of child unknown
  9. Are cousins Non-Mehram?
  10. At what age should a non-mehram boy and girl stop having a casual relationship?
  11. Muslim girl relationship with sikh
  12. Leave husband having affair
  13. How to communicate with non mehram?
  14. Rights of mother and wife
  15. Relationship between Boy and Girl before Marriage
  16. Relationship if kin marries hindu
  17. Mother husband relationship
  18. Mother in law having problem
  19. In laws parents husband rights
  20. Relationship between Prophets wives

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