1. It was given in that book that a woman need not undo her hair and have a complete wash after she has intercourse with her husband,
  2. I m muslim gurl and i m in love with a boy (whose father is muslim but mother is christian and her mother maked her son also christian and his father is died)
  3. I would like to ask whether it is correct to have non mehrams as friends. I have a cyber friend,
  4. I am married for over 5 years, but have been in and out of relationship with my spouse
  5. I am Jamal 45 years old, Indian National, working in an International company in Saudi. My wife died in 2002 after she was suffering from brain tumor and was bedridden for three years
  6. What are the duties of wife towards her in-laws?? Is it Farz or is it Nafl to take care of her husband`s parents??
  7. I have been stressed with a very big problem. Me and My wife both are doing best to fulfill each other requirment
  8. The prophet (pbuh) ordered woman to obey thier husbands, and he encouraged that, what hadeeth shows the obligation of this matter
  9. I am 17 and not yet married, but i deeply love some one
  10. How a wife's duties for the job of "house'wife" can go against above 3 Quranic Ayats?
  11. I am a divorcee and i have an dependent one daughter who is 14 years old. three years before during my work with one organization i was been approached by a Bohri Muslim guy for marraige proposal. As i am Hindu i did not give any reply to him because was afraid of the two different relegion and the world.
  12. Relation between girl and father
  13. I have got a set of inlaws who have been rude, unhospitable and worse insinuate my spouse by sending very nasty emails of me and my family, always complaining about me and my parents, and in general inciting my husband against me
  14. I have been stressed with a very big problem on my hands. My wife has asked to stop keeping relations with my family.
  16. My question is regarding the duties of a wife towards her husband
  17. Five years ago i saw a boy and in my case i fell in love with him. now i dont know whether love is harram or its not but i really want to know because by saying i love this person i dont want to be committing a sin.
  18. Can husband drink breast milk of wife? Dear Brother Burhan Could u please give me a prove Hadith or any book of Fiq Jazakallah Khair.
  19. Salam. i really love a boy.i talked to my family about our relation ships but they all dissagrred about it. we both love each other a lot. we can wait for each other for the wholw life.
  20. If a son does not talk to his parents what will be his punishment?

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