1. My mother is a cristien ..non muslim but my father is a muslim
  2. The girl had three boyfriends in the last 6 years
  3. I was in a relationship with a girl in Australia for the last one month
  4. I am not the kinda girl who goes out with boys or even chats to many guys as friends.
  5. I was married at the age of 15.
  6. Is my husband allowed to live at his childrens house with his divorced wife
  7. I would like to know if it haram to have a boy as a friend
  8. My sister n our husbands are planing 2 go 4 UMRA very soon. i wud like 2 know dat if it is premisable 4 daughters n thier husbands 2 take thier mother 4 umra and can our husbands pay 4 our mothers expences
  9. What is the husband`s duty toward`s his wife.
  10. What relations we can keep with non-muslims.
  11. My parents have reached age of 65, I like to take care of them
  12. .Because of some reasons the conflicts arised between my husband and my parents
  13. Cousins mehran or not?
  14. Is an earning women supposed to spend on her husband?
  15. Can a women stay in the house of his husband after divorce
  16. There is some confusion in my mind for about women role in different matters
  17. I want to know that what islam provides for those boys n girls who maintain relationships before marriage?
  18. I got a proposal from my friend (and her family); she wants me to marry her brother, so she told me to talk to him and gets to know each other. Finally he decided to marry me in near future.
  19. In Islam can you legally adopt a child and raise him/her as your own child?
  20. I truely believe that any person's last name, whether male or female, must be addressed by his/her father's name

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