1. Doesn`t Islam draw a line somewhere when it comes to what all parents can or cannot do?
  2. His past was so horrible but he told me everything 2 months before the marriage and i managed to forget all that somehow and gave him a chance to become a good person.
  3. "All the sins of my followers will be forgiven.
  4. What is the level a wife should give to her husband?
  5. I have a cristian girlfriend whom i intend to marry in future.
  6. Iam a girl, proposed by my far relative, my wedding inshalla will be after 2 months, my fiance lives in another country.
  7. I need your honest opinion with regards to the duties one has towards Islam, your Husband , and your parents.
  8. Contact with ex divorced wife.
  9. Keep in touch with girlfriend.
  10. Eunochs and pairs.
  11. Please your advice, do I have to stay here or go back to my country? if so, then what are the alternatives.
  12. My father and I don't share a good relation cause of obvious reasons, he has never proved to be a good father nor a good husband.
  13. My father very rude to me even from my small age.
  14. Injustice to wife.
  15. If the Foster mother doesnt nursed the child, then as per Islam what are the rights of child.
  16. I am 27 years old married man. I stay in a joint family. I love to stay with my family.
  17. What is the defination of Mahram / Non-Mahram ?
  18. Is it allowed to a husband to suck and drink milk from the breast of his wife?I
  19. I want to ask the diffrence between mahram and namehram.
  20. I have a sister who is 15 years. we live in Canada. she started wearing Hejap( she was 13 at that time)..BUT SHE WANTS TO TAKE IT OFF,,,,IMAGINE>>now she is in hgith school.

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