Bidaa` (Innovations)

  1. Thumm washek
  2. How to identify innovations?
  3. Decisions on Shab-e-baraat
  4. Imam talking about Urs in Khutba
  5. Is durood on Prophet with companions a bidaah?
  6. Bohra reciting kalima while washing
  7. Palmistry Astrology
  8. Challenge of a brother on Bidah
  9. Eclipse and superstitions
  10. Quran faal and future
  11. Naat and Bayt
  12. Importance of Khak e Shifa
  13. New year cards
  14. R.A. and Khums charges by bohra leaders
  15. Kiss fingers when the Prophets name is said
  16. How to stop Biba?
  17. Good/bad bidaah
  18. Once again. I am not saying that the Prophet(SAW) did celebrate this night and i am not saying that he did not. But our discussion comes back to the same point. Just because you claim that the Prophet(SAW) did not celebrate this night does not mean it is not significant. I am not trying to stress whether the Prophet(SAW) did or did not celebrate this night. All I am trying to stress is that this night is by itself significant. Its significance is intact within itself. Even without people celebrating this night, this night will be significant in itself till the Day of Judgement. People celebrating or not celebrating does not destroy its significance. And furthermore, I dont understand what issues you have with language. Shab, or Raat, or Lail are three names in different languages for the same thing. But does that mean that a night does not stay a night. No, of course not. Lets see what answer you have to this.
  19. What is wrong in doing Maatam?
  20. What is Bida (Innovation)?

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