Bidaa` (Innovations)

  1. There is one that says that its good to put a Quran under the pillow of a new born baby to protect him. I wanted to know if it was bidd`a.
  2. One says that this auspicious night should be spent in Ibaadat of the Almighty, and one should not waste time visiting graveyards.
  3. Kissing of fingers after tasbeeh/what is the concept of Raza? so every time we have to take raza?
  4. When the baby is born people name the baby after looking into quran for alphabets
  5. What is Wazifah, Taaweedh & Naqsh
  6. Can you please quote the ayat in which Allah says that no innovations can be brought in religion.
  7. Are Qul and Chehlum Bidaa?
  8. Kindly also let me know as to when and who initiated this innovation
  10. I would like to know what the significance of a washeq is.
  11. I do agree that one should not invent things on his own in ISLAM.
  12. What is Bidaa?
  13. Do we have to perform night prayer on 15th night of Shaban?
  14. What does Islam say about Shab e Barat
  15. I had to face lots of no entry as roads were blocked on the ospisious day of eid-e-milad.
  16. We are gujarati family settled in canada. recently my father`s sister expired. so my cousin had khatam qurankhani.
  17. I have specific doubt regarding Shiya and sunni
  18. Is it permitted for a muslim to celebrate birthday, wedding anniversay within their own family,
  19. Is the celebration of Eid-milad biddah or sunah. plz answer in detail.
  20. Wen i read Quran with translation, v cum across various gud verses, wich r most of da times Duas (starting with "Rabbana"). So i used 2 write it down, learn n den recite after namaz, like prayers. can v do dat? or its a Bidaa?

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