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  1. Taweedh
  2. Why shouldnt we celebrate New Year?
  3. Aayaahs for Peer/Fakir
  4. Islamic verification of this statement- whatever happens; happens for the best
  5. Proof of Shab-e-Barat
  6. The six Kalimahs
  7. Bohra misak oaths
  8. Is Meethak needed in Bohra Marriage
  9. Celebrating birthdays allowed in Islam?
  10. Celebrating shab-e-baraat
  11. Nazrulmukam
  12. What is Shabb-e-Baraat?
  13. Bidaa in Bohrism
  14. Changing some words in the Quran
  15. Matam reference from the Holy Quran
  16. Dear brother, We have always read your column with growing interest & awe at the strange practices of the Bohra community. To us these practices sound very alien and clearly seem against the true deen as taught by the Holy Quran; but I suppose to someone who has grown up watching his parents and community carrying on in this way and who has been taught since childhood that this is the right way, it seems natural. Such people need to be taught with great patience and understanding. And Allah always shows the light to whomsoever he pleases.You have indeed done an amazing job with this helpline to help fellow Muslims come to the straight path. May Allah give you the fitting sawaab for your help, amin. May Allah always keep us on the straight path, amin. We are of Sunni origin and we too have a few practices which I wonder are correct or simply an innovation. Is it proper to hold gatherings for khatm-e-Quran, for the collective reading of Surah Yasin or Ayat-e-Karima for a given number of times? Please give me evidence, if any, of these practices done at the time of our Prophet (PBUH). I, personally, think this is a form of `bidat` but when I tell my friends and family so, they reply by saying `what is the harm in reading the Quran or asking people to our house for this purpose`. I also agree with that, but, I`m not sure if it is right or not. Please let us know what the correct way is. Awaiting your reply, A Sister in Islam I am curious to find out the usual practise of this rasm known as "Quran Khowani" as a housewarming event when one moves to a new abode. This is a standard practice in Pakistan esp in Karachi, middle-class families. I need to know the relevance of this in the light of Koran and Sunnah, OR is this just another innovation(biddah)?
  17. Milaad
  18. Matam & mourning in Islam
  19. Dam water
  20. Is it bidaa to do dua in congeration after every fard salah

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