Bidaa` (Innovations)

  1. It was stated that birthdays were allowed in Islam as these were not considered to be bidaa as bidaa relates to innovations on religion or religious principles
  2. I was wondering if you could tell me if Muslims are allowed to celebrate holidays such as mother's and father's day.
  3. HOW CAN YOU RANK gunahs of Biddah, Shirk and Gibaht. CAN YOU DEFINE CLEARLY WHAT KIND OF ACT WILL COUNT AS SUCH SINS? AND Whether such sins will be forgiven by the Allah Taa`ala?
  4. Some people in pakistan make 19 shaban speacial day for prayer
  5. Can u please let me know whether Shab -e- Baraat is existing in light of quraan and sunnah.
  6. I am very much in trouble regarding Shab-E-Barat
  7. What exactly is the salat for Jumma? What are we required for Jumma? Wasn`t Jumma prayer started by Hazrat Umar ra.
  8. Is the fast during the day of Mehraj according to the practice of the Holy Prophet (SAW)?
  9. Is celebrating the night of Miaraj/Israa a biddah?
  10. Nigeria Durood practice and Belief
  11. I would like to know all the importance, prayers and fastings of the month of rajab and shaban
  12. Nigeria Durood practice and Belief
  13. I want a clarification regarding the "Azaan" we say before we offer namaz.
  14. Birthday celebration is a Bidaa
  15. I wish to know the logic of using word "YA" with Messenger of Allah Prophet Mohamed (saws).
  16. My mother has a particular tasbih that she follows.
  17. When we go to majlis we often use this 3 NARA(Kalima) 1) Nara-E-Takbir "ALLAH-AKBAR" 2) Nara-E-Risalat "YAA RASULALLAH" 3) Nara-E-Haydari "YAA ALI" Now my question is 1)Is it correct to use this 3 NARA. 2)Is it correct to say YAA to Mohammed and YAA to Ali.
  18. Salaam before adhan
  19. Reward of visiting Imam Husain grave
  20. Bidaa of Shabaan

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