1. Is it permitted in Islam to have sex with ones wife during the night time of the holy month of Ramadan?
  2. He and I made the mistake and sin of having premarital sex.
  3. What can a husband and wife do while they are fasting?
  4. Unfortunately I have sinned badly which I did not think at that time and slowly but surely made the biggest mistake of my life by become an adulteress.....
  5. If intensional stimulation of sexual organ and ejacualtion is called masturbation
  6. It is permissible in Islam to have intercourse with more than one woman at a time (known as an orgy)
  7. One of my friend told me that he want to enlarg his private part
  8. Quran mentions that certain types of adulterers should be punished with lashes
  9. I want to sk u that are we allowed to suck the brest of our wives while having sex mean during fore play
  10. Me and my wife have been sucking each other, now i came to know from your site that its not allowed in islam,
  11. Watching pornographic movies is a sin?
  12. I will be very thankful if you gave me something to convince my friend to stop masterbating.
  13. You have stated that mastarbation is haraam without iota of doubt
  14. ,i had this doubt that in this age of computers and cell phones the act of sex has taken a real sharp turn this acts are caught on camera phones and distributed as MMS
  15. My husband is a nice person by heart but he loves to watch porn
  16. Is it allowed to kiss the feet of husband/wife?
  17. I am newly wed. sumtime wen i talk 2 my wife, sum liquid comes from my penis, so is it necessary 2 take gusl or not.
  18. IS is Allowed to take SHOWER with our Wife
  19. I have heared that if some have a physical relationship with some girl he canot marry her is it true
  20. If anyone do sex without marriage(zina),can he be forgive by ALLAH?pls help

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