1. My question is about husband who commited zina more than one time and I as a wife don`t know
  2. Where in the holy Quran does it say u cant be gay,lesbian transexual etc or any other sort of that type.
  3. I have been committing a sin that i am unclear of. I would like to know hat Islam has to say about masturbation
  4. I wanted to Know about oral sex if it is permitted, can u explain if allowed then what are the limits ?
  5. I know that it is obligatory to take a bath after having sex because semen is najs
  6. I am married and i have commited a big mistake. I have talked several times with a girl on the internet and we talked about sexual topics and we even had what it is called online-sex
  7. Is there anything else one must do after commiting zina, other then repent and recognize ones sins?
  8. My question is what if one has a desire to have oral sex (i.e, sucking/licking private parts or organs) with his wife and the wife wants it too or the vice-versa?
  9. I`m 32, recently completed our 3rd marriage anniversary. My problem is I discharge my sperms very early during our sexual intercourse and my wife remains dissatisfied. How to satisfy her?
  10. I am a girl 26 old, i knew a man 31 and he is married and having a son, we styed for3 months as he promised me to marry me
  11. Requirements of Gusl: Does the wife has to PURIFY her self when only the man release his semen.
  12. My question is clear to some extent but still i need to clarify exactly what i want to ask is that while talking to wife if you reach the stage that you feel that u feel that u have already got your SEMEN out or you need to masturbate...
  13. I want to know the status of the women whose husband has committed zina,
  14. Are we allowed to have sex during the month of ramadan. if so for what reason i.e for pleasure or for babies
  15. I have been informed by a friend that oral sex results in the annulment of the nikah. Is this true? To the best of my knowledge, it is a grey area
  16. I know that masturbation is mamnuu,
  17. I want to know that these below mentioned things come in fornication or not?
  18. Please let me know whether we can have sex with our wife in the month of Ramadhan or not
  19. Are the clothes worn on an impure body, impure? Does one has to wash all the clothes worn on an impure body irrespective of whether the clothes are free of impurity or not?
  20. That my wife pray 5 times and do all the things which one muslim should do, but i got to know from one of trustable person that in her school time she was having afair with one guy

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