1. I have heard about a hadith reg. having sex with wife on thursday night. Plz re-confirm & elaborate the special reward related to it.
  2. My wife when she wants to release her tension of sex she comes on with her clothes on ands rubs her vagina on my side while i am lying down on one side
  3. I understood that oral sex is not haram one and it is permissible ?. Am i correct ?. If not pls advise me?.
  4. What the opinion of muslim scholars in light of Quran & Sunnah with regards to oral sex
  5. I fail to understand the logic that self masturbation is a sin while a huband and a wife can masturbate each other.
  6. My question is how can i control my sexual desires in this age when they r at their peak.
  7. Please tell me does this verse of Holy Quran , use for adultery and lesbianism
  8. If a wife dose not feel to have conjugal relation with her husband and if he forces her to do so, will it ba a rape or is it his right?
  9. What are the permittable sex positions for muslims?
  10. Forbidden sex during mensuration.htm
  11. I want to know if a muslim person is murdered by his enemies like in bussiness matter or any other reason then does Allah forgives all the sins
  12. The prob was when i accidently happened to see my husband watching porn videos on tv and the moment he saw me he switched channels
  13. My question is regarding ZINA.
  14. I came to know that a wife and a husband can bath together without having oral sex and i wanted the meaning of oral sex
  15. Can husband put jam or honey on breast of his wife and like it from there
  16. My wife, as I had mentioned was a non-muslim, and used to date and was involved in pre-marital sex.
  17. Is oral sex allowed in Islam
  18. If after marryin a man a woman reveals her past as saying that she had two times zina with a non muslim..
  19. What is zina?
  20. Which are those days or dates in which we have to avoid sleep(sex) with our wife."

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