1. Is phone sex and cyber sex a sin, and wat is the gunah of this sin
  2. I have been involved in a wrong act of sex with my male cousin
  3. A person married the 2nd sister when he continued to be in wedlock with the 1st sister
  4. I wanna know what should a wife do if her husband doesn`t like her and never do sex with her for more than 2 weeks after their marriage?
  5. When i was very young, friends at school basically intorduced me to viewing pornography and since then
  6. Is it permissible for a man to have sex with his wife between the buttocks
  7. I understand that after having sexual intercourse, you are supposed to do wudoo if you want to eat, drink or sleep.
  8. If a man wants to make love to all of his wives at once
  9. I am in love with a boy , hes also interested in me and we r getting engaged very soon.
  10. I`m 18 years old. i know it`s wrong to have any type of relations with a male before marriage.
  11. I have know this boy for around 6 years and we have been very close.
  12. I am married and my wife have one freind..
  13. Can we keep the quran in our bedroom while we commit sex .
  14. We have taken our relationship one step further then we should and it was islamically wrong.
  15. I know masturabtion is haraaam in islam
  16. I would like to know whats the Islamic view on Sex-Education?
  17. I am getting married i just had to ask my question is do i have to have sex the first night of my marrage
  18. I am 18 years old i have so far avoided doing zina
  19. I had read a Hadeeth which stated that if a wife refuses to fulfill the physical desires of her husband the angels curse her for the entire night
  20. Can i do kissing with my wife during fasting to such extent that we both arouse

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