1. Masturbation by wife
  3. I understand we can do intercourse through mouth (oral) for that no restriction from Quran , sunnah,no need for scholars opinion
  4. I want to ask if homosexuals can be accepted in the Islamic word.
  5. My female friend has done zina b4 marriage.after marriage she told 2 her husband that she has commited such zina.
  6. I wanted to know if it is ok for me as a wife/daughter in law to prepare brake fast for the family member in state of post-sex impurity
  7. My question is regarding my brother. He is 24 and watches pornography regularly.
  8. Even knowing that Anal Sex is prohabitted in Islam I have done that twice
  9. Why is it haram to have anal sex?
  10. When there is no clear restriction on Oral sex why a muslim couple should refrain from it? Only because some scholars have diffrent opinion on it?
  11. I would like to ask if Allah (T.U.S.) has permitted intercourse during the time a women is menstruating
  12. If you have sex with your wife from her anus regularly or during her menstruation time the nikkah brokes
  13. It is strictly prohibited to have sexual intercourse with ones wife during her period of menstruation.
  14. Can i put finger in my wife vagina and can i play putting finger in my wife vagaina.
  15. I committed the sin of having sex while fasting.
  16. Can husband and wife see each other without clothes or without covering the private parts.
  17. I wanted to ask the respected scholar to clear the confusion about the issue of looking at the private parts of the spouse.
  18. I would like to know the Islamic Perspective on Oral Sex
  19. Can we adopt the new methadology of sex if yes then upto which limits
  20. I know it is haram to commit sexual acts before you are married

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