1. My question is with regards to a man who was a Muslim but later became a qadiyani and then died in our village?
  2. I want to ask when a muslim person passes away we should say INNAILLAHI WAINNALILLYHI RAJIOON.
  3. Is it correct to say to dead people (saints, etc.), at their graves
  4. I am really confused on what a person can and cannot do for the dead.
  5. Is suicide permissible if raped?
  6. Upon death of Saad Bin Muad (RA), Allah (SWT) throne shook.
  7. My aunty`s sister-in-law died, it was not a natural death as she committed suicide...
  8. We all know that sucide is Haraam in ISLAM
  9. Is there a special Du`a or tasbi that we read to baksh their soul?
  10. My question is that what can i do best for my deceased parents and how important it is to go on their graves
  11. Please tell me if the practice of a gathering on a death date to pray and read the surah fatiha is permissible.
  12. I have a question regarding burial of newborns with ref. to the answer given in Question # 1002. Some days back our neighbour gave birth to dead baby.
  13. When one`s husband/wife dies according to shariat (Sharia), does their relationship end straight away or until the husband/wife are buried?
  14. My question is " i was told by one of my friend that it is compulsary 4 a person 2 read the shahadah that is kalima at the time of sakraat
  15. Can u plz explain the following hadeeth in more detail. And particularly the phrase...`death itself`.
  16. When some one dies for how many days should we Mourn for the dead? As some say 3 dyas, 10 days 40 days and we need to cook food, read Surah Al-Fatiha and distribute among the guest & poors for the dead person`s sake. Is this allowed.
  17. My father died a four years ago. my father borrowed some money from a hindu man which he was not able to give it back, in his life time
  18. Is that right that when a muslim is martryed in jihaad for cause of Allah,at time of death he just feels like an ant has biten him?he just get away with severe pain of death?
  19. Why a husband should not touch the dead body of his wife
  20. Is it permissable to have a stone with name and date on it and anything else written on it (quote from the quran), on the grave of a muslim male or female?

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