1. I read your answer that quran-khani for the deceased is not permissible.
  2. I would like to know if it is permissable for a muslim to go to a Christians funeral?
  3. Please tell me about ghosts and if they exist in our world.
  4. Bibi Ayesha (ru) used to spread sheets on the grave.
  5. Allah will determine where and when u will die, so say for istance i live in england where my family is, and i go on holiday to bangladesh, my hometown, and i die in bangladesh
  6. A couple of months ago, one of my nearest one died due to old age. She died around 11 pm and was burried about 11 am the next morning
  7. What will happened if some one got murdered by a group of people. the person was not aware that ppl will attack him. do you call this being "shahid"
  8. How is a muslim burried in the grave is the body placed directly on the ground? or on a mat or carpet?
  9. Sahaba too built Qubba Tomb on Quboor Sahaba e Karaam constructed Qubba on graves. It is written in Mushkath Shareef, Kitabul Janaiz Babud Dafn: Rasoolullah Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam buried Hazrath Uthman ibn e Mazoon raziallahu anh placed a stone towards the head side for identification
  10. Can you tell me why we say salam at graveyard. Because the people died cant here us? - What islam says about working under Non Islamic country. I mean to say who is woking in Canada?
  11. What should i do on the death of a family member/friend/relatives/neighbours.
  12. When we die our rooh goes to god but when the body goes in the grave the faristas come to take our account is the rooh put back in the body will we know thwt we are burried under the earth?
  13. Account of people who die in Ramadan
  14. Difference between a still born and a newborn burial
  15. My wife expired soon after she had an operation of elbow fracture, in a nursing home. Is she a martyr as she died on the operation table ? What type of good deeds shall I perform for her soul ?
  16. Delay or late burial
  17. Sin of Suicide
  18. Humilation to dead body
  19. I have read a hadith that if "40" true believers pray at the janazah then that person(the deceased) will be saved from the fire. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  20. Should one fear death or look forward?

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