1. Patience and palace in paradise.
  2. Does Allah had given the liberty on their death.
  3. I would like to know one thing, my wife delivered a boy on the 1st of June 2007 and the kid was born dead.
  4. What are the deeds / actions (when living) that will count for a Muslim after death.
  5. My first question is about reading the Quran and forgiving it to my grand parents who are not alive is this right to do?
  6. Hadith for funeral Prayer.
  7. The time of death can be changed by someone with black magic or evil eye?
  8. Can one buy a kafan shroud.
  9. After my death, if my parents or relative are crying, why should I be Tortured? Isn`t that injustice?
  10. What happens to the soul of the person when he`s asleep?
  11. Rebirth and what happens after death.
  12. What happens after death graves souls.
  13. Can husband see the face of his wife after death or vice versa?
  14. Will it be considered a sin or Bidah if we remember the death day of our beloved.
  15. My question is that if a marriage is supposed to take place on a partcular day, and there is a death of a close member of the girls family.
  16. I am 28 years old.I performed Haj three years back and after my return from saudi i faced a lot of tensions in my business and life.
  17. Why women are not allowed to go to a burial?
  18. While everyone has to go what keeps me worrying is what must be happening to her in her Grave??
  19. I wanted to ask is that even for a mother it's not permittable to visit graveyard
  20. When the wife dies can the husband put her in the kaber if not why.

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