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  1. In Pakistan And India we celebrate 12 Rabi Al-Awwal As EID MELAD UL NABI (PBUH)
  2. Is it acceptable in Islam to visit grave yards to offer Fateha.
  3. I totally agree with your views about the Syedna. Yes the Bohra beliefs are messed up.
  4. In India after the child is born we need to provide the hospital with the desired name immediately as they require it for the Birth certificate
  5. Touching feet respect
  6. Mehndi rasm ritual
  7. Henna Rasm Ritual
  8. Food and drink in Muharram niaz
  9. Biting Nails and Mistake while reciting the Quran
  10. Giving gifts in marriage
  11. Meethi sitabi and tasbeeh in rajab
  12. Things to do when buying a house
  13. You claim that Shab-e-Baraat is just like any other night of the year and has no significance over other nights. Also, you claim that the Prophet (SAW) never celebrated this night or never did anything special. Can you please prove these claims before I decide to actually believe them or else I will just simply ignore you. Please reply ASAP.
  14. In addition to that I have another question regarding milad that if it has any meaning in Islam because I know this was not something practised during prophet Mohammad`s time,but now people practise this act wiht great zeal and enthusiasim and i don`t knkow how to convince these people.CAn you please help me with it.
  15. Aarti,Handkissing & Bohra Promises
  16. Thaal rasms in Muharram
  17. Are we supposed to read the whole Quran in favour of the dead?
  18. Baby shower ritual: ..
  19. Can you explain or guide what is the rasam of doing the opening ceremony of a new premises for residence, business or what so ever. Obviously one of them is to put nazar-ul-mukam besides reciting AL-YASIN, How about seeing what is the right star/time of the day to do the ceremony and normally who and how it is being done by a youngest girl, or a boy within a the family! Please explain the details I don`t want to know the logics which could dwindle anybody`s belief.
  20. Thaal rasms in Muharram

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