1. I would like to clarify the concept of IBLIS/Devil in Islam.Who is iblis?
  2. I have often heard about martyrs and their place in heaven and the 70 virgin houris they will be rewarded with.
  3. Only Moslems will go to heaven not non Moslems.
  4. It has been mentioned before that when a believer dies, the angels of death cry out `Come out good soul`.
  5. I heard from someone that qayamat will be in the arafat zameen.
  6. I recently read that men would get 70 wives in paradise.Is that true?
  7. Does sky paradise hell physically exist.
  8. Can jinns appear in disguise of animals?
  9. Will we get the woman we love in paradise as our wife or will it be the woman we marreid in this world?
  10. I am having health problems from some months and recently doc did sonography for me and there was a simple cyst found near my ovary.
  11. What will get in paradise.
  12. My husband told me, somebody spell /tabiz against.
  13. I don`t really know what would happen before the day of judgement..
  14. What was prophet`s saying based on Abu Talib and Abu Lahab (both non muslims, but one helped prophet and the other did maximum cruelties to prophet?)
  15. Does jins and supernatural things really present or its just our imagination?
  16. How many types of Jins.
  17. What is black magic ?
  18. Astrology star zodiac signs
  19. Hello, I am a Shia Ismaili Muslim but never had much interest about my religion. Sometimes i often get a feeling like someone is in the room with me or is trying to talk with me(like spirits) but this scares me. My fiance told me to read the Quran but i dont know where to start, i dont want to get rid of the voices but i want to understand what they want. Please help me.
  20. Who are Mukil ? what are there types? I heard some are quranic ayats mukil,is that right? are they Angels , Jinns , Old Person (Busrag) , Evil or Shyatan ?

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