1. Age of people after death in Jannah will be 30 years.
  2. Can u please tell me everything there is in the hadith and the Quran ..abt life of paradise
  3. I just wanna know that giving sadaqahs in order to remove evil eye is fine??
  4. Is there anything like BLACK MAGIC and UNSEEN.
  5. I have know come across a video of a muslim girl who I have been told kicked the quran and then went to have a bath and stood on the quran and when she returned to her bed, she had been turned into a fish.
  6. I am aware that this question is pretty large, but since i had to relate to you with clarity i had no other option
  7. What is to do after death what question will be asked after death
  8. First of all I want to ask you about the soul
  9. Was I taught wrong that if one goes to hell for what one did, he/she will stay there for a length of time depending upon the deeds and then may go to heaven eventually
  10. My question is about dreams in which the dreamer gets the honor of the company of Holy Prophet.
  11. There is a verse in the quran about a martyr getting 70 virgins.
  12. I just wanted to know that is there any punishment in grave.
  13. Could you please tell me are jinns different than shaitaan?
  14. One friend asked me ,that when everything will finish, sun, stars ,moon all that exists, only rest the Almighty Allaha .now plz. tell me what will be the light source overthere in paradise ,as SUN in this world
  15. She was advised that she had a "SAYA OF JIN" and he will treat her with the help of QURANIC VERSES
  16. I would like to know about Jinns.
  17. There is mention of the Gog and the Magog (Yajooj and Majooj)
  18. I would like to know about the two malaks who take down all the good things and bad things we do
  19. I want to know how a person can protect themselves from jinns and spirits
  20. .Please tell me that Bismillaha is necessary to recite at Namaz each and every time we receipt Sura-e- fatiha and before receipting other Sura?

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