1. Say a person dies and goes to Heaven i.e. he gets everything he wants and lives in total happiness.
  2. I know there is an authentic hadith that says 999 out of 1000 human beings (i.e. mankind) will go to the hellfire.
  3. Allah subhanah has created many heavens, but what if I have done more good deeps in my life then my husband, or my husband has done more good deeds in his life then I have, will we still be together in the after life?
  4. When we go to heaven will our wifes/ family remember us? like who we are
  5. The story about the day of judgement. The story about dajjal, the cursed tree, Isa, and Khiddir.
  6. My question is does wife and husband can stay together in jannah or not
  7. What one should do to avoid black magic for his business and for his daily life
  8. When we visit our loved ones in the grave, when we talk can they(the dead) hear us?
  9. What kinds of these magic`s are , which puprose used for these magic`s , What is Magic & Spell ?
  10. Hell cannot get out
  11. I just heard from a friend that women will get 4 men in paradise
  12. There will be a group of "Maa-as-Sabireen", who will enter the paradise without any Accounting.
  13. I have a older brother who is 38 years old who misbehaves with my mom and uses bad words for her and is under psychiatric traetment since 10-12 years.
  14. I want to know whether we people are allowed to talk about fate or not.
  15. To protect yourself from being cast by Black magic, recite Surah Al Ikhlas, Surah Falaq and Surah Nas, each 3 times.
  16. What will women get in paradise, as men get Hoors.
  17. My Q is tht when a person is dying does he knows that he is dying or does he sees something extra ordinary?
  18. I have a question regarding symbolism.
  19. Can it be predicted by any manner how much one will earn (money) in his life.
  20. Jannat? Will they be living in families?

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