1. I named my baby daughter "Tehreem Fatima" as i found this word in the Holy Quran.
  2. Meaning of my name thatt is Hajah Mohideen.
  3. Can you give me what is the meaning of name ``Mohmed Safwan``.
  4. How to write the name `alina` in arabic.
  5. Meaning of names.
  6. Meaning name imaan.
  7. What is the difference between a Muslim and Mu`min?
  8. There are certain names kept by our muslim brothers and sister.
  9. Meaning names zayan.
  10. First of all I would like to thanks for the good work you are doing at this site. My question is regarding name of a baby. I am having my first child after almost 3years. And as me and my wife see it as a gift of good we would like to name her after a name with same meaning. On a site a saw a name called "Wania", do you know anything more about it? is it a good name for a girl?
  11. Can we give name sahil to newborn what is the meaning of this name name is it good or not according to islam.
  12. Meaning name owais.
  13. Assalamoalikum. My brother has had a baby girl and we have named her Eshaal ---- meaning flower of heaven. I want to know if this is a correct muslim name and can we keep it? and what is the correct spelling and meaning of Eshaal?? people say that historically this name has been of Jewish people, is it true ?? and tell us if we can keep this name??
  14. Meaning names.
  15. Meaning name laibaah.
  16. I have changed my name as above, please tell is it ok. Please also tell what is the meaning of "NAILA".
  17. Salam al-lay-kum, i wanted to know who should name a ne born baby, and does "kaira" have any meaning as a girls name.
  18. I would like to know if the name "Jibran" is a muslim name and if so, what does it mean? Is it OK to name a baby boy as Jibran?
  19. Is allah a name of chief idol in kaabah
  20. Meaning of aayah sunset in murky waters

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