1. Meaning of Hasbi Allaho Wa Naima Al Wakeel
  2. Musasal iman
  3. My Son Ryan(Gate of heaven where only Rozaydar can enter)but most people says its wrong.
  4. I wanted to know the meanings of the names 1/ Ayan 2/ Ayun.
  5. I have name my son Syed Aayan Hussainy, Many of my arab collegue says this name is not right.
  6. I would like to know the complete meaning of my name : Faiza Parveen
  7. My name is nazia farheen.i want to know the meaning of my name some people say the word nazia means proud and arrogant.
  8. My daughters name is omayma humayun,before her birth i dreamed that my father in law gave me a baby girl and said its your daughter MUNTAHA, but i only considerd it a dream.
  9. Can you tell me the meanings of the following names: 1. Simrah 2. Rida 3. Fatma 4. Hunain 5. Zuhair
  10. Meaning of name Ammar
  11. Meaning of name Farhan
  12. Meaning of name Bilquis and Murtadha
  13. Can u give me the exact meaning of Feroz Khan in English as well as in Arabic.. Jazak Allah Khair.
  14. Could you pls. send me the meanings of the following names: Mubeen Iqra Sidra
  15. Is it compulsory in islam to name our children with a traditional muslim name. We have a new baby girl and we have named her ``esha ali``.
  16. I want to know the meaning of name misbah.can we keep this for girls or it is a boy name?
  17. I like name MUSKAN for my new born daughter.
  18. My question is what does the word wazifa means
  19. Meaning of name Nafisa
  20. Pls. guide me whether a muslim can keep this name for a girl.

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