Ablution (wudu)

  1. Is one allowed to do ablution without having any clothes on one`s body? It is a widely prevalent practice in the Middle East Gulf countries that if a complete ablution is done once before wearing socks.
  2. I have question its regarding massa on socks while doing ablution.
  3. Wudu and intention.
  4. At What Stage Of Intercourse Bath is Neccessary?
  5. Regarding Wudu. Can i know if one can perform wudu in the toilet sink (Wash Basin).
  6. Could u pls clarify what is the mandatory to have bath (farz) if one who doesn`t insert penis to vagina in full..
  7. Dear Brother, I have a question, one of my friends told me a beleiver must hide his/her private parts with some cloths/undergarments while taking a "Ghasul".
  8. If someone asks his wife to masturbate him, is it necessary for the husband to perform the obligatory ghusl.
  9. Whatever I have eaten, the my semen drops come and they come each time.
  10. Is there is any permission in islam,doing wuzu without taking out shoes, or doing wuzu while shoes are wear.
  11. I like to What is exactly Ghusl means and Where & when it should be performed.
  12. I want to know that when we are sleeping with wife and befor starting sex.
  13. I like to know about ghusl.
  14. I want to ask one question that whether my prayer is valid or not, bcoz one day i went outside on holiday and i was in wudu.
  15. I am not married and i masturburate often thinking about women.
  16. My question is that i have read many ahadis regarding wudu and ghusl but one thing that problems me is that we use showers and basins for performing wudu or ghusl ,so is it correct as for example washing our feet 3 times.
  17. Does this mean than only if the hair were plaited up while having sex.
  18. " Is wudu acceptable when nail polish is on.?
  19. 2. After the dua when saying AAMEEN, why people wipe their face with their palms. is it compulsory?
  20. Can we wipe the water with cloth or tissue paper after doing ablution.

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