Ablution (wudu)

  1. I would like to know how many times do we have to wash the najees clothes.
  2. While doing wadhu (ablution) we have to wash each & every parts 3 times.
  3. AOA Brother Burhan..can u pls. clarify the washing of the arms as stated in your above reply as two time or trice up to teh elbows. Pls. check . Thanks
  4. I have Q`uran software installed on my mobile phone, can I read it even if I need to perform Ghusl.
  5. With out wazoo can we read holy quran through inter net
  6. Whenever i do vudu, and start prayer, it feels like i get pressure in my stomach,
  7. Is Ghusl required after discharge?
  8. There does it mean that a person after intercourse or wet dream does not need to do ghusl but can take a normal shower right?
  9. Is it compulsory that all the hair in the beard should make it wet.
  10. Urinating while standing
  11. I have doubts in performing ablution. Is it required for ladies to cover their head while performig ablution ?
  12. I want to ask about the Ablution (Wadu).during Wadu is neccessory to cover sater.
  13. Can we muslims offer namaz with the ablution we do while bathing?
  14. Can we muslims read quran without performing ablution?
  15. Can a muslim kill any insect or cockroach after performing ablution?
  16. Doing vazoo is cleaning / preparing oneself before namaz. So does a bath with praying the vazoo dua constitute clean? Or are there more reasons for reciting vazoo dua before praying?
  17. Where did Wudu originate from? And is it meant simply to clean one self before praying
  18. Whenever i do ablution i wash my legs one time itself
  19. Regarding wudu my friend says there is masah for the neck while performing the wudu
  20. I am still breatfeeding my baby of 11 months who soley relies only on my milk

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