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  1. I need to know if parents are not willing to follow the religion as they dont believe the religion due to problems they faced in the past but the children are very much following and practising. Also the parents do not like children practising the religion and they always behave in an anger way due to this. In such situation how to handle parents. Even if you try to explain they are not willing to listen.
  2. My question is if a momin has any duties towards his country? Am a Indian Muslim and and i love my country very much am very patriotic but i have seen lot of Indian muslims who do not love thier country and always bad mouth and support other countries in every matter of life from sports, politics to everythin.
  3. My question is that I will start off really believing and following Islam, but to continue in the path is really difficult.
  4. Who is god? nobody knows, its a mystery, so let it be a mystery, there is no need to investigate or go into details of his existence, his existence is actually omni present,
  5. Kindly let me know something about Zikr (Wird)?
  6. Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 28 Surah Qasas verse 56: You cannot guide whom you love, but Allah guides whomever He Pleases. And He best knows those who would accept guidance. so my question is , if guidance is with Allah,s will, then y we ppl ll b accused on the day of judgement?
  7. There was something before Allah
  8. How to develop fear of Allah?
  9. What happened between Prophet Ibrahim & Prophet Muhammad?
  10. Three types of Tawheed
  11. Tawakul and Human faculty

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