Tauheed & Imaan

  1. What is Islam and Iman? Is there any difference, Please clarify.
  2. My question is, Im fade up with my life with every one & each & every thing in the world.
  3. Pls tell me have taqwa on these.
  4. Call Allah by His Names.
  5. Thank you very much for opening our eyes regarding Islam and its preaching, even after so much abuse from some ignorant people.
  6. Pls suggest me the way to make our imaan stronger and our belief in allah tala.
  7. Commit sins with Allahs Will.
  8. I would like to know the punishment after death is too severe in Islam compared to other religions. Quran itself mentions "no tribe or nation had gone without having sent a warner or messenger". So we have to understand other religions are also rooted from messengers eventhough they had gone wrong path later. But their scriptures do not speak these much of severe punishment. Say for Example: If a muslim does not pray Fajr on time (one day), years of punishment after death. Can you please explain?
  9. Is this a sunnah that the rizk( barkat in husband`s job) comes from the wife`s fate( qismat) and children from husband`s fate (qismat).how true is this?
  10. Image hands eyes of Allah.
  11. Please help me to read kalima e taiyyab?
  12. Why Allah is named Allah.
  13. My fiancee`s father passed away two months ago from cancer (allah yirhamu). Three weeks later, the kitchen in their house burned down and a few weeks after that their house got robbed.
  14. Who created Allah.
  15. It is in the Holy Quran that those who worship Gods other than Allah will not enter Jannath.
  16. How can i be Favorite of the GOD.
  17. Where is Allah?
  18. Brother i had made mani sins in my life.
  19. I would like to enquire about Sufism.
  20. 1. What is imaan? How one can judge whether his or her imaan is increasing or decreasing?

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