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Yusuf (Joseph)

Verse 110


110. (Respite will be granted) until when the apostles give up hope (of their people) and (come to ) think that they were treated as liars there reaches them Our help. And those whom We will are delivered into safety. But never will be warded off Our punishment from those who are in sin.

Notes (Tafseer):

1795. Zannu (come to think): I construe the nominative of this verb to be "the messengers" in agreement with the best authorities. Kuzibu is the usual reading, though Kuzzibu, the alternative reading, also rests on good authority. I construe the meaning to be: that Allah gives plenty of rope to the wicked (as in Joseph's story) until His own Messengers feel almost that it will be hopeless to preach to them and come to consider themselves branded as liars by an unbelieving world; that the breaking point is then reached: that Allah's help then comes swiftly to His men, and they are delivered from persecution and danger, while the wrath of Allah overtakes sinners, and nothing can then ward it off. This interpretation has good authority behind it, though there are differences of opinion.

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