1. If i am acting as a Business Development Manager or even teaching for an Institute which teaches Hotel management, is it permissible.
  2. I want to know weather profit from this business is halal. I have to invest in a business.
  3. Let us say if a person is working in a company (Computer trading), and that company is selling duplicate items.
  4. Also one of my friends told me you cannot work in the cloths shops in UK as they sell mini skirts.
  5. Business with Saudi sponsor
  6. If I am intended to be a silent partner in a business, and my partner agreed to pay me a fixed amount every month.
  7. I am living in CANADA and the goverment has a law to give a mothly paid for a year.
  9. My question is, Iam a civil engineer & i have got an offer from a company in india for the construction of a 5 star hotel.
  10. If the employees of an organization don't not know where their salaries come from?
  11. Share rented room.
  12. Could you please advise investing in this business is Halal.
  13. I have a friend who is an agent for a company but did not informed me that he is an agent & will get benefit if I make the deal.
  14. He earns some commission for each of the persons.
  15. Can one cheat on taxes?
  16. Is it ok to own a franchise, but not receive any profits from alcoholic beverages.
  17. Is it ok to work in a hindu company.
  18. Someone finds buyers for crude oil and then approches sellers to buy from them.
  19. I referred the matter to the Bank highlighting that the Islamic World can do withouth such a Credit Card and requested the Bank to desist from using the Holy Name Mecca and Kabaa if wants to go ahead with the Islamic Credit Card.
  20. My friend wants to know if tips are consider halal or harram.

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