Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh)

  1. Hazrat Ali (R.A) was drinking water with standing (kitab babul sharab sahi bukhari sharif).
  2. Can you please explain the sunnah for peeling banana fruit?
  3. Many person says,not to make rasm of giving or receiving gifts.
  4. Why do we say Alhamdolillah after sneezing.
  5. Who are the ( AAlle Rasool)?
  6. My question is when a non muslim becomes a muslim is there need of circumcission?? pleas don mention my name or id while answeing this question.
  7. I want to know about the walking speed of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in routine life, I mean in on foot walking - Slow, Fast or Medium.
  8. Please tell me that if a husband wants to grow his beard till his chest and the wife tells him not to do since she does not like it and he already has a small one the wife does not stop him for keeping a small beard but she tells him not to keep the beard long so should the husband listen to the wife and keep her happy or what should he do?
  9. I am hindu boy i want to know what is khatna circumcision obligatory?
  10. I want to know that will i be commiting a sin if i shorten my beard
  11. Is it 'sunnath' or not wearing cap during namaz or other time
  12. We know that eating with 3 figures is Sunnat of Prophet SAWS. If we use spoons, forks etc for eating, will it be correct or not.
  13. What does Islam and Quraan says about Sleep at night.?
  14. What is fiqh sunnah?
  15. I need to ask you that is it permissible that when one sleeps before maghrib and wakes up after isha
  16. I would like to know the practice circumcision when come into existance ?
  17. What did our prophet perform in the month of shabaan.
  18. Is it forbidden in Islam to sleep on your stomach?
  19. What is authenticity we can be assumed for references?
  20. I want to know the keeping beard is sunnat

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