Zakat for youngsters

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As Salaam Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.  (May Allah's Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon all of you)

One of our brothers/sisters has asked this question:

If one's son or daughter who is under 18 age and have gold more than 85 gram of fine gold, is that young male or female have to pay he/she will be dependent and have no source of income.?Is there any limit for their age or to get the status like when they are married or start earning for paying zakat when they have more than 85 grams of gold. ......lets say that all were gifted by her parents and sumone from family when they were young..?

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Zakat for youngsters

Every believer, regardless of whether man, woman, or child, who has excess wealth (over the ‘nisaab which is approximately 7.5 tolas (85grams) of gold or approximately US$2,550.00) of their own, is liable to pay a 2.5% annual Zakat of their Nett excess wealth in Shariah.

Your statement: let’s say that all were gifted by her parents and sumone from family when they were young..?

Gifts are considered part of ones wealth, and if the gifts have been in their possession for a period of one full year, then the zakah dues will be liable upon them.  

Whatever written of Truth and benefit is only due to Allah’s Assistance and Guidance, and whatever of error is of me. Allah Alone Knows Best and He is the Only Source of Strength.

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