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Wister widget is a plugin which enables Wister Search Engine on other websites. You can add this widget into your website just copy and paste a small piece of HTML and Javascript code. This widget will allow your users to search on your website from our unique collection of Q & A. Entire look and feel of the widget is customizable, you can change styles, colors and layout according to your website. Once you have this widget on your website, you can even post your website links having Wister Q&A.

To add Wister widget, copy following HTML code to your website:

Screen Size

This widget has been designed for different screen sizes. It works very well on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. If your website supports all these devices then you do not need to worry about Wister widget, it will work fine with these devices.


We have created few samples for you, please checkout following demos to understand how it works:


To set focus on search box then add following parameter.

  var _focusonsearch = true;

To display specific question then add following parameter and replace zero with Question Id.

  var _QuestionID=0;

Check Sample1.html for exact location of these variables


We have used a css to control the style and layout of the widget, you can also add your own css to change the style and layout of the widget. You have keep the same class names and ids which we used in our css. [Download our CSS]


In case you have any query related to this widget, you can always write to us via feedback form.

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