Ramadhan & Fasting

  1. My question is brother i live in usa we follow our local area muslim community announcement regarding eid/ramadan for sake of righteouness and muslim unity also but this year we r unamiuosly follwoing regarding eid and ramadan moon b/c they following icna and cair which is largest group in whole usa they r goign through lunar calculation not physically seeing moon,they have a panel of 18 known scholars and given fatwa regarding.
  2. Please let me know how a person can fast in the month of Ramadan, if he has a problem of bleeding gums throughout. He fears that this condition will be there even after Ramadan. Hence he does not have hope to complete the missed days. He constantly spits and tries the best not to swallow any part ofblood on realising the taste in his mouth.
  3. 1. When the SHAB is SHAB-E-QADR, so Whole Ocean water bring into Sweet water that can be drinkable.
  4. Dear brother.Please advise if there are ane special rules applicable to the fasting (volantary) in Shawaal.
  5. What are the basic tenets of islam, other than the pillars of islam? 6) It is said in ramzan tht allah taala will bind all shayateen in zanjeer
  6. Having a Tar weeh (ramadan Prayer)is better praying at home alone without any distribuance or in the mosque with Imam,in which form we get more ajar?
  7. I want to ask wat are the preferred ebadas and doa`a we should do in the last three days of ramadan
  8. I have a question i have seen in ramadan calender the timings for Imsaak and fajer.
  9. I have been having erotic dreams (even while fasting!)
  10. I asked you if brushing your teeth during fast using toothpaste is permissable or not.
  11. I wanted to know if one can do Suhur during Ramzan being unclean and later on have ghusl or should one be in the state of Ghusl?
  12. After having sex can we do sahari
  13. After eight days ramdan started and i was not fasting
  14. I like to know about SAUM (RAMADAN), if any patient (not older) is not doing SAUM
  15. Can we spray deodrant body spray or talc powder in RAMADAN
  16. My question is why shiya pray or leave there fast after 10 min of sunni azan..
  17. As you described that one should once stop eating when Azan is announced, but he can each only what one has in one`s mouth
  18. I would like to know in fasting is there any restriction for taking bath, making beard or shaving and cutting nails.
  19. Is sexual intercourse allowed during Ramadhan between iftar and and sahoor time?
  20. I would like to ask how far the fasting is important for pregnant females.

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