1. Usman(R.A) was married to Ruqayyah and Umm Kulthum, daughters of the prophet(P.B.U.H.) and hence earned the title of `Dhun Nurayn`. Was the prophet(P.B.U.H.) the biological father of Ruqayyah and Kulthum?
  2. Can you please tell me what is the sharee ruling with regards to those muslims, who knowingly don`t add `Salallaahu Alaihi Wasallam
  3. Could you find out for me about our Prophet Jesus (PBUH), if he died or not, crucified or not.
  4. In reply to the question 4641 about whether the Holy Prophet (pboh) is alive or not
  5. How many Ramadans did the prophet(PBUH) observe(fasting)?
  6. Which companion had been honoured with being the host of thr prophet (PBUH) the day he arrived at Madinnah
  7. My question is that is the flying horse was there if yes then at the in the day of the judgement it will be there are what ? my other question is that aladdin and other stuff is true
  8. Can you tell me what is meant by the term consumed in the following Hadeeth:
  9. Are the decendants of Prophet Mohammed still alive ? If yes, where are they and do they occupy an important place in present day Islamic society ?
  10. It is usually quoted that before any creation Allah (SWT) has created our beloved prophet ( peace be upon him) out of His Noor. Then that Noor passes through various phases.
  11. Prophets and wars
  12. I want to ask you some questions about Prophets mohamad , how many childrens did mohamad rasul salalahuasalam have
  13. Some people are telling Prophet Jesus is not comming back
  14. There has been a great deal of discussion in our community with conflicting opinions,so i wanted to ask you.Was the Prophet (SAW) Noor or Bashar?
  15. Do we know of any living decendant from our beloved prophet?
  16. Why did Allah send us the last prophet saws in Arabia & was there any mission of the prophet which he had to complete ?.
  18. Was Prophet Mohammed a human being? What does Quran say about it?
  19. You call yourself a slave of Allah. I thought you said that RASULULLAH SALLEH ALLAH were the only slave of God, and that this was also written in the Quran. How come you are going against your own words
  20. I have gone through your answer for the arrival of Imam Mahdi. You have mentioned that Hazrat Isha will come from Heaven that time

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