1. I want to know that how we all born i denied that concept that Adam ( as ) give birth birth to boy n girl
  2. How can one say that he/she had ziyarat of prophet mohammed
  3. I m very active in blog , where people express their own personal view.
  4. What was Prophet Mohammad`s age at the time of his marriage to Aisha.
  5. I know that seeing prophet Mohammed in one`s dream is true thing..
  6. I had heard and read some say that ALLAH would have not created this world
  7. One of our friend said that rasool (SAW) listens to salaam directly
  8. Whenever we mention the last prophet`s name we add Peace be upon him
  9. "Did prophet Mohammed S.A.W scratched a man with his nail who entually died because of the scratch"
  10. Whenever Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) took bath, he did not use any cloth to wipe is body
  11. Did Jesus (pbuh) ever marry and have children?
  12. Did Hazrat Adam (a.s) Teach us (mankind) anything about religion
  13. What is the significance of 12th rabbiul awal? what should one do?
  14. I would like to know if it is right to say that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is not alive.
  15. Why do people Kiss there Thumb nails while hearing Ashad wana Mohammadar Rasool ullah
  16. The Quram has mentioned about 25names(out of 124000 as per habeith) of prophets
  17. I have a doubt regarding authencity of the hadees. i sbscribed myself to a hadees site wich sends 1 hadees daily, named AHAD
  18. I am asking a question in the light of Q&A related to Prophet Mohammad SAW being alive in his grave, and you clarified in the light of Quran and Hadith
  19. It`s well known in Islam that it`s totally not allowed to build a mosque on the top of a grave, or pray in a mosque which is built on grave or has a grave..
  20. With reference to the question that was posted above about the Prophet (AS) being alive after his death, I would like to say that I disagree with what you have written and with due respect to you it seems that you have misinterptreted the ayats in the Holy Qur'an.

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