1. How many people there were with the Prophet ( saws) in Shaib - e - Abi Talib more precisely were Prophet ( saws) beloved daughter Hazrat Fatima ( ra)
  2. Is it truth that (SAW) recite Surah YASSIN everyday after SUBUH Prayers.
  3. I was talking to an athiest and only one thing which bothers me alot is that, It is difficult to accept that the Holy Prophet married Aisha when she was 6-years-old
  4. One of my friend is not clear about the concept of Returning Esa (AS)
  5. Can a person make niyyah that if he is blessed with a child he will go for umrah
  6. In one of your questionaire, you have said, "Firstly, the belief (albeit absolutely false) of our Christian brethren is that Prophet Isa (a.s.) was crucified, not hanged!"
  7. Can it be said that Jesus, Moses, Ibrahim and all other prophets as well were also Muslim?
  8. How did the Prophet (saws) saw people in hell?
  9. Can u please explain the phenomenon of "de ja`vu"?
  10. I read a book which says Jesus Christ (saws) was married
  11. I have heard that the Holy Prophet and the Imams have no SOLAR SHADOWS?
  12. I would like to know which part of the Kuran its mentioned that Jesus Christ was not crucified?
  13. In a discussion with my christian friend he told me that the act of acrifice which we remember by qurbani was not done by Hazrat Ismail.
  14. Nothing in the Quran that talks about the return of Nabi Issa ( a.s.)
  15. I was talking with a catholic and he told me some of the earliest muslims actually believed in christs crucifixion.
  16. Why Allah choosed arabia (specially the middle east) to spread the universal religion islam
  17. What is Dujjal?why is he to come to the world?what will be his main aim?
  18. What was Prophet Muhammad`s occupation?
  20. What part of the quran does it talk about Mohammad?

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