1. Parents refusal to marry.
  2. Girl marries hindu.
  3. Can a Christian retain her religion after marriage?
  4. Secret marriage.
  5. Mitah marriage forbidden
  6. Bride has a right of refusal to proposal.
  7. Sometimes all this is very disheartening and makes me belive that even to people who are good, the return is not always good.
  8. Wisdom polygamy four marriages.
  9. Take divorce at husband second marriage.
  10. I am of age 21 Indian Hanafi, she is of age 20 pakistani.She was engaged 2years back with another guy with her own will, but after a year she came to know that this guy is not good, he drinks liqur n other bad habits like having a sex.
  11. My mother is not practicing strict islam? Now in this case if she threatens my wife that she would ask me (son) to divorce my wife and I have to obey her as it is commanded by Prophet (PBUH). In this case what am I supposed to do. Should I divorce my wife if commanded by my mother?
  12. Marry two sisters.
  13. Marry sister in law.
  14. Marry lover.
  15. I am madly in love with a hindu girl and i want to marry her is it ok in islam to do so?
  16. Married to revert issues.
  17. I know about fasting and being patient but I would still like to know what I can do to get married? What douas (supplications) can I say?
  18. As my father (Alhamdulillah still alive with us) was attacked by paralysis long back when I was just 6months old, my maternal uncle took care of our family including our studies and everything.
  19. Father parent refusal to marriage.
  20. Girl will leave islam if no marriage.

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