Islamic laws

  1. Difference between Democracy and Islamic laws
  2. What all comes in sadqa jaria.
  3. Please tell me is it sunnah to give Adhaan in one ear and give Iqamat in the other ear or we have to give Adhaan in both the ears.
  4. My Q is tht can we talk while performing ablution?
  5. I would like to know if the offspring of a muslim and a non-muslim is accepted in islam as a muslim.
  6. Is it neccessary for womes to cover their heads during azaan and also reading Quran recitation?
  7. I would like to ask that,as i am 18 years old now my aqeeqa hasn`t been done yet
  8. Is this is necceary to do Aqeeqa within 7 days or in 14 days ?
  9. Maximum people excuse to even touch the Quran. Excusing that we are not with "Wazu".
  10. My third question is regarding gays. Although homosexuality is haraam
  11. Is it right to tell something to do something when you don`t do it yourself.?
  12. Is there somewhere in the Quran that prescribed punishment in an Islamic state for someone who converts from Islam to a different religion.
  13. I do wudhu whilst doing wudhu and even whilst praying a thought comes into my head that i may have broken my wuhdu
  14. What are the Islamic rulings or punishment given to children for stealing.
  15. I have been wronged by someone that is very closely related to me
  16. Can a man marrying a divorced woman also adopt her six-year old daughter from her first marriage?
  17. Due to a threatning illness I am living at my mothers home in uk,my husband lives in Pakistan
  18. Is it allowed in Islam that husband can tell his wife forcefully to keep and service his mother.
  19. As my aqeeqa hasn`t been done yet can we do it with eid-ul azha
  20. Can you read Quran if you are on your cycle(Period), can you also enter the Mosque.

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